Vana-Olgina Mõis

The resthouse Vana Olgina is suitable both for family rest and for the small companie. On the first floor of the manor there is a banquet hall for carrying out of seminars and conferences. On the second floor there are 2 rooms, for 3 and 4 persons. However, if you wish to retire, we can offer you campings and places for tents. There are all conditions for a stop of caravans. In addition to this we offer to take a steam bath or to take a bath in the well. The life conditions are simple and rural but at the same time with all convenience. There is an access to the internet and wifi zone.

We are situated 3 km from Narva and 206 km from Tallinn. There are only 7 km up to the small resort town Narva Jyesuu. More detailed location you can find on the map.

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